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We need you! Come support the Teo Project. You and your brand will come away enriched. You will be allowed to participate to the project cycle, workshops and experiments, and we will provide you with technology, results and all the details of the work. Follow us on Twitter teoproject, and then we can talk through direct messages. Or, just send a mail at Teoproject.


The research phase of Teo Project is now over, see you on Musuro next September.


Researchers have realized that thanks to breakthrough innovations and pluri-disciplinary teams, different intelligences could be accompanied. Tehy often are more advanced than others.

To meet this challenge, the Teo Project has been set-up.

Stakeholders are passionate about new technologies.

The goal is the identification, development and the provision of new digital practices to observe, assist, and distract gifteds (autistic and dyslexic , traumatic brain injuries, vulnerable workers, etc.).

The observation and monitoring of gifteds with cognitive impairment will never be carried out as before. With the relevant support, companies such as SAP are hiring autistic workers, so talented at information technologies.

Associated to a psychiatric or psychological approach, a combinaison of different disciplines emerged: neuropsychology, information technology, brain imaging, nutrition and pharmacology, robotics, big data analysis, artificial intelligence , biomimetics, etc.).

Scientific analysis of the causes and circumstances are taking in account, not just children disorders.

Teo Project aims to support people affected and their caregivers, and integrate into their daily lives the latest digital innovations, such as robotics and connected objects, augmented reality, electronic paper.

This unique approach will help understand the contribution of this new methodology for the children, their parents, their carers and doctors, and brands aware of theses challenges; Also, thanks to the work of associated experts, for defining scientific protocols and develop or adapt auto learning robotics platforms to assist children and carers.

Workshops and Internet communication will complete the scheme. The conclusions, along with ongoing progresses of the project will be presented and published on a regularly basis.

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